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Sound Track in .SPC Format
MIDI Collection
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Final Fantasy VI Desktop Theme

An almost complete desktop theme, perfect for you, fans of FF VI. Built by Mouette and Setzer-.

How to Install :

Download the Desktop Theme and unzip the file
Afterward, run the .theme file, and click OK.

Characteristics :

- Background : 512*446, 24 bits, but can be properly viewed, even in 256 colors.

- Four hand-made (haha!) mouse cursors.
- Desktop Icons for : My Computer, Network Neighborhood, Recycle Bin (Full and Empty), and My Documents.
- Various sound events.
Missing :
- FF VI Screensaver

Complete FF VI Sound Track In .spc file format, provided by : CzarDragon, Dream Master , Guy, Cait Sith 2 & Niko.
MIDI Collection from FF VI

Specially prepared MIDIs for Setzer-'s Soundfont

And also from Harvest Moon snes, Ogre Battle, Tales of Phantasia, Terranigma, Seiken Densetsu III, Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy I.
All these MIDIs were sequenced by Setzer-

The specially prepared MIDIs are mostly the same as in the MIDI collection, but arranged so it sounds better with the soundfont provided on the site. (Note that the midis above aren't all in this file. some didn't need any adjustments, some just don't fit with the Soundfont)
FF VI japanese ROM

FF III US Re-Translation Patch

Patch de traductionde FF III US en français!

(for more information)

ROMs are copies of the original game, which can be run on a computer with an emulator like zsnes.

Warning! You MAY NOT keep the ROM if you don't own the original cartridge!

The Re-Translation patch fixes some translation mistakes, thus giving back some sense to a few scenes in the game. Check out our FFIII US vs FF VI japan section for more details. To use the patch, simply put it at the same place where the FFIII US ROM is, and zsnes will do the rest.
This patch is brought to you by Sky Render Translations.
Animated GIF
Showing the Blackjack, approaching of Vector. Thanks to Mouette- for his job!
Looping cycle of about 14 seconds (it's quite a lot for an animated GIF!)
Setzer-'s Soundfont

A Soundfont (.sf2) made with samples from popular Super Nintendo, such as FFVI, Chrono Trigger, Terranigma, and many others.

A Soundfont modifies instruments used by yout MIDI peripheral. This Soundfont can be used by Soundblaster cards like AWE64, Live, and any other card supporting .sf2 files, and with at least 863 kb of memory.

Presently, this soundfont is +/- 66% completed, and many MIDIs sound at 95% like the original.

Site intro animation

The Opera Scene
In English
In French
Animations in Macromedia Flash (5.0) made by Setzer- & Mouette.

The Site Intro is the one that could be found on the home page. It was moved here to improve loading time.

The Opera Scene, as displayed in the Opera section, now downloadable, for those who don't have a broadband access to be able to enjoy the Hi-Fi version.