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Sites related to Final Fantasy
(French)A Directory of Final Fantasy websites.
La Terre Promise
(French)A website for Final Fantasy Fans, Diablo 2 (characters , gifs , desktop backgrounds , tips , all of this in multiple packs )
8-bit Theater
A comic strip based on the characters from Final Fantasy 1 (NES). Laughs guarranteed!
Sky Render Translations
The website of the team who retranslated FF3 us, and who's working on other projects of the same kind.
Other sites
Zophar's Domain
A site dedicated to emulation. You will find emulators, tools, soundtracks and many others.
The Video Game Music Archive
The greatest Video Game MIDI collection on internet!
Mina's SPC Cove A superb site dedicated to .spc files, SNES game soundtrack files.
E-mail links
Creator of l'Encyclopédie de Final Fantasy VI
Creator of l'Encyclopédie de Final Fantasy VI

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