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Final Fantasy VI Introduction
Welcome to Final Fantasy VI Encyclopedia (Final Fantasy III in US.), an open book on the game, its story, its characters, its music, its little hidden corners. This site will make you discover this wonderful video role playing game, or simply learn some more about its well-concealed secrets.

List of additions to the site
2005-12-17 10:48:50Under work!

We've for long been planning a significant enhacing to this site. Well, it has begun. This means that until we're done, you might notice some odd things on the site. Don't worry, everything will fit together as we go through.

Among scheduled enhacements :

  • tunings to our base canvas used on every page (menu, top banner, page uniformity)

  • Interactive pages (Quotes, Illogical stuff) will be split in multiple pages, or layed out so it reads more easily, and we'll even out their design with the rest of the site. We will add a few guidelines to our suggestion page.

  • Very long pages (Spells, Espers, Lores, Colloseum) will be reorganized so they fit on one page, by using a submenu.

  • Links will get their underscoring back.

  • Tunings behind the box should also enhace performances.

Maybe we'll have a christmas gift?
2005-09-21 18:22:48Oops! It'd appear that, for a long time, the Japanese FF6 rom wasn't the Japanese rom! This embarassing situation has been fixed.
2004-09-25 11:18:47A load of updates!

After waiting for too long, I decided to give a shot in maintaining the web page. Here's the list of changes:

Flash Animations: The one on the homepage has been removed, in order to enhace loading time. It's now downloadable. The Opera scene is now downloadable as well! Available in Hi-Fi even for 56k's.

Interactive sections: For anti-spam reasons, we removed e-mails from Quotes and Illogical Things.

Admin: We've enhaced (again!) our interactive sections update scripts. No more endless waiting.

Illogical Stuff: An update has been performed to include some new suggestions.

Secondary Skills: A link to the Lores page has been added.

Art Gallery: Now features a page selector.

Along with some fixes here and there.