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The World of Ruins
This is the world of Final Fantasy VI after the great catastrophe.
A devastated world, agonizing...
You will be partially responsible of its rejuvenation!
Here is a new description of important places.

Map of the World of Ruins

1- L'île solitaire 8-   Château de Figaro 15- Colosseum 22- Maison de Ducan 2- Albrook 9-   Kohlingen 16- Jidoor 23- Château Ancient 3- Tzen 10- La Tombe de Darill 17- Caverne du Phénix 24- Le Roc d'Eboshi 4- Mobliz 11- Maranda 18- Narshe 25- Salle d'Opéra 5- Nikeah 12- Zozo 19- Île triangulaire 26- Tour de Kefka 6- Figaro Sud 13- Caverne dans le Veldt 20- Tour des Fanatiques 7- Cave de figaro 14- Thamasa 21- Château de Doma
1- Solitary Island 8-   Figaro Castle 15- Colosseum 22- Duncan's House
2- Albrook 9-   Kohlingen 16- Jidoor 23- Ancient Castle
3- Tzen 10- Darill's Tomb 17- Phoenix Cave 24- Eboshi Rock
4- Mobliz 11- Maranda 18- Narshe 25- Opera House
5- Nikeah 12- Zozo 19- Triangle Island 26- Kefka Tower
6- South Figaro 13- Cave in the Veldt 20- Fanatics Tower
7- Figaro Cave 14- Thamasa 21- Doma Castle

1- Solitary Island

It is on this island, which seems to be all what is left of the world, that everything starts over. This won't be easy, the only thing to eat here is fish...

2- Albrook

This city still hasn't recovered from the Imperial invasion. At least, the Catastrophe didn't damage it too much... unlike the moral of its citizens.

3- Tzen

Tzen has been particularly ravaged by the Catastrophe, and by Kefka's attacks. There's still a ray of hope. You will even have the chance to save a life!

4- Mobliz

Mobliz is probably the city who has been the most devastated by the disaster. All adults perished while saving their children. This confusion, however, will bring some to understand themselves better.

5- Nikeah

Nikeah didn't change much. It is still a very crowded harbor merchant city, but it is now easier to reach, as the "Serpent Trench" has become a terrestrian path.

6- Figaro Sud

South Figaro hasn't forgot its motto, and optimism still float around, and it seems to be even stronger. Some of its inhabitants have even taken some initiative to... repopulate the world.

7- Figaro Cave

By a chance, this cave wasn't damaged, because it is the only way to reach Figaro Castle, since it had a little problem with one of its "top-secret" systems.

8- Figaro Castle

Hurry! We have to solve this technical problem and go back to the surface! Oxygen is starting to rarify! It doesn't matter if the treasure room is looted, the people is more important.

9- Kohlingen

This village is as peaceful as before... but the beautiful days of yore will never come back. Some citizens are trying to grow the Earth green again, give them a chance, and don't step on their sprout!

10- Darill's Tomb

Here lies Darill, the woman who flewn the closest to the stars. She was also the first to own an airship. Setzer will surely take you to a tour in this labyrinth!

11- Maranda

The moral of Maranda is more stable, and we can feel hope slowly coming back. There has been a lot of carrier pigeons flying there, lately.

12- Zozo

Well, well... very few things have changed in Zozo... in fact, nothing has changed! It's still as dangerous as before for your life and/or wallet.

13- Cave in the Veldt

After the Catastrophe, some people went to hide in this cave. Even if it isn't the safest place around, at least, there aren't dinosaurs or dragons!

14- Thamasa

Now that Thamasa's secret is known, its people is more welcoming. This city, like some others, hasn't been too much disturbed by the Catastrophe.

15- Colosseum

The monument to war has finally been completed... According to his creator, he owes it all to Kefka... No doubt about it, he got insane! (even though one can find here some valuable objects!)

16- Jidoor

Ironically, like Zozo, very few things have changed. A man of power who reigned before the Catastrophe has exhibited his portrait in the art gallery of a rich man in this city. (even if "rich man" isn't quite descriptive in this city!)

17- Phoenix Cave

This star-shaped mountain range hides a mountain of treasures... and beasts! Everything to attract adventurers!

18- Narshe

This city didn't stand the shock of the Catastrophe... in fact, monsters are roaming around, now. There are still some humans, well locked out in their house.

19- Triangle Island

On this strange island lives a beast who engulf everything it sees, and sends it 6 feets under... where there is a strange world, where lives a man... or a woman... well, somebody very, very strange...

20- Fanatics Tower

After the Catastrophe, some people started to believe that Kefka was a god. They erected an immense tower, and walk in round, like if there was nothing else.

21- Doma Castle

After the ravages caused by Kefka's poison, this castle has been deserted... There are still some soft beds, where you will take a nap full of dreams... quite realistic dreams!

22- Duncan's House

What the?! Everyone thought he was dead! To the contrary, he is bursting of energy, and the master will still be able to overcome the student, by demonstrating him is best technique.

23- Ancient Castle

These buried ruins are about a thousand year old. This castle has been destroyed during the War of the Magi. A ton of treasures are still hiding in it.

24- Eboshi Rock

An occasion for Stragos to realise his childhood challenge and to save a friend, while acquiring his most powerful technique. Be aware! An ennemy lurks in the shadows.

25- Opera House

Even if this house has known an unpreceded success, there is a little problem... a dragon has decided to join the troop. The problem is not that it is untalented, but it scares everyone.

26- Kefka Tower

It is in this conglomerate of building parts that sits Kefka, dominating the world by throwing his "Light of Justice" to anyone who doesn't respect him. The only way to get in is by the top. Prepare yourself strongly, as, divided into three teams, you will attack this fortress... and Kefka!